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I am Biochemist and Cell Biologist interested in connective tissue, particularly cartilage and bone. As a former lecturer of the topic, I am also excited in cell biology in general.


I have done my major research career in Kuopio, Finland, starting with my Master's thesis in 1985. In January 2015 I moved from the University of Eastern Finland to Umeå University. In September 2015 I also started as a part-time professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an, China


Cartilage Tissue Engineering
Stem Cell


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Wang X, Jin Z, Chen M, Duan D, Lammi MJ, Guo X, Chang Y: Inhibiting the aberrant activation of Wnt/b-catenin signaling by selenium supplementation ameliorates deoxynivalenol-induced toxicity and catabolism in chondrocytes. J Cell Physiol 235(5): 4435-4442, 2020 [Pubmed] [Full text]

Ning Y, Wang X, Lammi MJ, Guo X: Changes in the NF-KB signaling pathway in juvenile and adult patients with Kashin-Beck disease. Exp Cell Res 379(2):140-149, 2019 [Pubmed] [Full text]

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Li W, Hirvasniemi J, Guo X, Saarakkala S, Lammi MJ, Qu C: Comparison of bone texture between normal individuals and patients with Kashin-Beck disease from plain radiographs in knee. Sci Rep 8: 17510, 2018 [Pubmed] [Full text]

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Wang S, Yan R, Wang B, Du P, Tan W, Lammi MJ, Guo X: Prediction of co-expression genes and integrative analysis of gene microarray and proteomics profile of Keshan disease. Sci Rep 8: 231, 2018 [Pubmed] [Full text]


Wu C, Liu H, Zhang F, Shao W, Yang L, Ning Y, Wang S, Zhao G, Lee BJ, Lammi M, Guo X: Long noncoding RNA expression profile reveals lncRNAs signature associated with extracellular matrix degradation in kashin-beck disease. Sci Rep 7: 17553, 2017 [Pubmed] [Full text]


Piltti J, Bygdell J, Fernandez-Echevarria C, Marcellino D, Lammi MJ: Rho-kinase inhibitor Y-27632 and hypoxia synergistically enhance chondrocytic phenotype and modify S100 protein profiles in human chondrosarcoma cells. Sci Rep 7: 3708, 2017 [Pubmed] [Full text]

Last updated June 18, 2021

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